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      China Woodworking Machinery already has strong international competitiveness
        Release time:2011/5/1click:1724

      In "Shanghai International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition 2005" appears a phenomenon among members of the profession: the foreign woodworking machinery enterprises in the exhibition less than the previous. Well-known experts in woodworking machinery, vice-chairman of Heilongjiang Woodworking Machinery Association, after visiting consider that it reflects a gratifying phenomenon actually – China woodworking machinery with the years of development , already has a strong international competitiveness, and firmly occupied the domestic market.

      Woodworking Machinery Exhibition shows important changes

      It is understood that the area of Shanghai International Woodworking Machinery Exhibition 2005 over the previous year increased by 55%.Exhibition is divided into three pavilions, WoodMac Museum to display the early, middle and advanced technology of woodworking machinery; FurniTek the main exhibit hall for the production of furniture hardware accessories and accessories; WoodBuild Museum includes a timber, plate, sheet metal, wood-based panel, floor and a wide range of wood products. A major change of this exhibition is that with the recent rapid development of Chinese woodworking machinery, the Chinese machinery accounted for half of the entire machinery. German Mission in the current international machinery exhibition hall occupied the advantage. Other large national pavilions from Austria, Italy and Spain. Including door handles, drawer slide, furniture round legs, decorative panels and spraying metal parts and accessories FurniTek Museum.

      China Woodworking Machinery changes a lot

      Expert analysis the reasons for the decline of the number of foreign exhibitors. Foreign enterprises which have long-distance fees and the problems of booth, but more importantly, has a decrease of exhibition effectiveness. Many viewers and buyers of foreign brands only to see, buy very little. Because in recent years, the quality of Chinese-made woodworking machinery has been greatly improved in the domestic woodworking machinery industry has become a mature quality system, all parties can be comparable to foreign brands, and prices lower than many foreign brands, so customers more willing to choice of domestic woodworking machinery. There is no market, foreign brands of woodworking machinery went on to lose the enthusiasm of domestic exhibitors, the number of exhibitors dropped naturally.

       In the sixties and seventies, China Woodworking Machinery technical than 50 years behind developed countries, behind the 80's to 20 years, is now less than 10 years, and even some technology has to catch up with international advanced level, China's wood Machinery Manufacturing has formed a complete quality system.

      After-sales service has become weakness of foreign products

      It is understood that in order to woodworking machinery and domestic competitiveness of enterprises, foreign brands have been some price reductions, but more than domestic products, and prices are still much higher, did not have a competitive advantage. In addition to price factors, after-sales service and maintenance is another weakness of foreign brands. Experts, a few years ago, many enterprises are spent abroad at high prices to buy woodworking machinery, but the use of a few years later, repairs and accessories has become a very big problem to worry about. Products go wrong, they can not repair, manufacturers have to report to send maintenance personnel to wait for each other, because of the distance, time delay will normally be a long time, often causing significant losses to the manufacturers. In addition, the purchase of foreign machinery, they can not easily replace, use parts, or chambers of commerce that has changed the production of mechanical structure, refused to warranty. If the use of domestic products, they will not suffer the same hardships. Therefore, a trend in recent years is that foreign brands of woodworking machinery in the domestic market share has been shrinking.

      1 / 3 of German enterprises set up factories in China

      However, experts also believe that, although the domestic woodworking machinery has a strong competitive edge, especially in price than the foreign brands have great advantages, but foreign companies will not give up this big market of China. China's furniture industry through the rapid development in recent years has become the world's largest furniture-producing countries, and a large furniture manufacturing woodworking machinery of the demand is huge. Some experts think that China has become the world's largest woodworking machinery market.

          China is the largest woodworking machinery market attractiveness, the international woodworking machinery brands will not readily give it up. It is understood that in order to improve price competitiveness, many foreign companies have chosen to woodworking machinery to set up factories in China to reduce costs. At present, more than has been the top foreign brand woodworking machinery to set up factories in China. Experts estimate that there will be 1 / 3 of the German woodworking machinery enterprises to set up factories in China.

         Woodworking Machinery foreign enterprises to set up factories in China, the natural cost would be substantially reduced, then the price advantage of domestic products will no longer exist. If this situation has become so widespread, on the domestic woodworking machinery industry will be a severe test. It appears that although the domestic market has been occupied, with a clear price advantage, but domestic enterprises such as woodworking machinery is not as soon as possible to improve product quality, and narrow the gap between foreign brands, has been launched in the next round of competition, may be re - hardly a gratifying.

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